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Antipasti as finger food. How to serve them?

Everyone likes food that can be eaten on the go, but that also tastes good. Antipasti will do an excellent job in this case. This is one of the main reasons for their huge and growing popularity. However, it is helpful to remember that it is not just a simple and convenient snack for the busy. They also work great as a dinner (‘obiad’) starter. However, we use them most often as finger food! It's a fantastic way to serve food when the meeting follows a formula of constant chatting and moving around. Then such snacks all at once prove to be extremely practical and convenient. In addition to their popularity, convenience and taste, there is another aspect to consider, no less important than the others: they represent, after all, sheer benefits for the body!

What ingredients are suitable for finger food?

What ingredients to add to antipasti to create a delicious finger food? First and foremost: good bread! Following the example of classic Italian starters, you can prepare crostini, mini bruschetta…. just the sort of delicacies that your guests will savour endlessly!

Cured meats are an equally iconic ingredient of Italian appetizers. Prosciutto or salami thinly sliced and drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice are a must-try hors d’oeuvre.

And, of course, the cheeses. Hard, mature, soft, mouldy, smoked…. the choice can be mind-boggling. Looking for safe choices? Stick to the Italian classics: pecorino, gorgonzola, camembert and fontino – there’s something for everyone in this selection.

Appetisers or snacks for parties and any other occasion.

Below you will find some ideas for delicious finger food dishes, so that you can prepare a party snack selection or appetisers for any occasion without any trouble at all.

Let’s start with a classic among classics! Antipasto skewersare a perfect snack idea, especially when we don’t have much time to prepare food. The antipasti in the Perla PEŁNA DOBRA range are perfect for this. Antipasto skewers with olives, dried tomatoes and honey peppers with delicate cheese? We might be surprised to find that such snacks disappear in a flash!

Do you have a little extra time? Or perhaps you want to prepare something a little more interesting, diversify your finger food with a hot food idea?  Arancini is something for you. These deep-fried rice balls are a traditional delicacy straight from sunny Sicily. Arancini taste great stuffed with our peppers and sun-dried tomatoes with cheese. You can, of course, also throw in some charcuterie and a piece of mouldy cheese if you like!

OK, and once we have our antipasti… how do we serve them up in an attractive way?

  1. Prepare a nice, large serving board.
  2. Spread evenly sliced pieces of cheese and slices of charcuterie on it.
  3. Next to the cheeses, it is also good to lay out honey or fruit to break up the flavour.
  4. Arrange sun-dried tomatoes with cheese, peppers and olives next to the charcuterie. You can first line this part of the board with various types of lettuce.
  5. Nothing will enhance the taste of a great antipasti board like a glass of good Italian wine!

Antipasti in the range Perla PEŁNA DOBRA

Perla PEŁNA DOBRA is renowned for its selection of antipasti. Finger food has never been tastier or easier to prepare! Our range includes different types of olives in an herb marinade, peppers stuffed with cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes with cheese or herbs. You can easily find something for yourself. Appetizers for a party or family gathering won’t just make themselves…. But you can leave that to us. Enjoy your meal!


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