For You

As breakfast, a snack, an excuse to meet. Good as a rule, from the heart.

This is what matters to us

Perla. Full of taste

  • We are full of goodness

    What if you could change something in your life for good? It is so simple with us! Hummus instead of butter or as a dip – and your breakfast, your lunchbox for a loved one and the platter of appetizers, when your friends drop by – will all change for good. And all this because, by design, we are full of goodness. With natural ingredients, dressed in “green” packaging. Make some space for us in the refrigerator. For good.

  • What matters to us

    Everything we do, we do for the people. We are full of ideas and innovations that make our products taste better and better!

    The Polish place their full trust in us. The awards and quality certificates we have won are a guarantee of our credibility and the taste of our products.

    Top-quality ingredients, carefully selected suppliers, supervision at every stage of manufacturing – this is the recipe for Perla products full of quality.

Awards and Certificates

Quality matters to us

Perla for the planet

We care not only about you, but also about the planet.


    Perla’s new packaging helps us reduce plastic use by up to 84%.


    Changing the packaging material to paper helped us reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 38%.


    We know what we are doing. The packaging is perfectly tight, and the lid fits snugly.


    Our eco-friendly product packaging is 100% recyclable – all you need to do is to separate the foil from the paper

Choose recyclable packaging, the planet will thank you!

Small effort, big impact

Let’s make three good deeds
for the planet

  • Remove the top foil
    from the packaging.

  • After consumption, peel off the inner
    foil from the paper tray.

  • Discard both foils in the plastic recycling container
    and the paper tray in the paper recycling container.
    into the paper bin.